St Joseph's Food Bank Pembroke Ontario

Fall Food Drive

St. Joseph’s Food Bank launches its Fall Food Drive on Thanksgiving weekend each year with volunteers manning booths in the Moncion Metro in Pembroke and No Frills at the East End Mall. The food drive continues until Christmas.

The need for continued donations of food and money is constant. We started 2015 with 850 families on our active registrar. (If people do not use the food bank during a two year period they are removed from our active list.) The number translates to 1221 adults, 372 children under 16, for a total of 1593 people.

You can help. Perhaps start a food drive at work or plan a fund raiser for the food bank. If you are a franchise business perhaps your head office has funds available to donate to local charities.

As an individual you can add a few extra groceries to your cart and donate them to the Food Bank.

If you are a gardener and have extra produce - that too is gratefully accepted.

Helping those in need in the community makes all of us stronger.

Thank you for your support. Contact us to donate!