St Joseph's Food Bank Pembroke Ontario

Guidelines for use:

  1. St. Joseph's Food Bank supplies food to people in need, on an emergency basis.
  2. The food bank serves the residents of Pembroke and immediate area. If you live in Petawawa, Eganville, Cobden, Deep River, Killaloe, or Barry's Bay, please see the information for Other Food Banks.
  3. You are encouraged to NOT use the food bank more than once per month.
  4. Every visit you are required to show:
    • Personal identification, such as a driver's licence.
    • Proof of income.
    • Proof of housing costs
    • ID for your dependent children.
    • You will be given food only for the number of people you can prove live in your household.
  5. If you have other adults living with you - friends, adult children, or relatives, you need to supply information about their income.
  6. St. Joseph's Food Bank will supply you with 3 days worth of food. Lunches are available for full time students.
  7. If you bring your own reusable grocery bags, we will be most appreciative.
  8. St. Joseph's Food Bank depends on the generosity of individuals and local businesses and is not funded by government agencies.